Served it with some Jasmine steamed rice. I replaced half of the 93/7 ground turkey with 99/1 and it was still really juicy. !I made them soba noodles, a perfect combo! Loved these, and so did my BF. I plan to reheat the leftovers for breakfast , i love meatbulls .. thanks for this delicious recipie, I have these delicious looking meatballs in the oven right now. YUM!!! 2 tsp seems like a lot. I put your stats in my Points Plus calculator and I came up with 6 PP. I will definitely make again. Love these! Can't wait to make them again!!! My son is allergic. When I put in the nutritional information into WW, the points are 6; however when I put in the ingredients the points are 2. I substituted a few things to make these gluten free (GF soy, 2-3 tbsp GF cornflour instead of panko breadcrumbs) and the meatballs were delicious. Thank you for the recipe!! My favorite thing about this recipe is that the flavors all come together so that you're not just tasting one particular spice, but a beautiful blend of yummy that just explodes in your mouth! Made these tonight with brown fried rice; awesome. Everyone loved the meatballs, I have saved this and plan on making them for Super Bowl. Followed the rest of the recipe to the letter…it's a keeper for sure! These are outrageously good! Thanks Tracy! I use a cookie scoop and place on baking pan instead of rolling into perfectly-round meatballs. Thanks for the great recipe! it didnt take that long to make at all. I just found your site and have passed it on to those I know will love it. I forgot to add the sesame oil to the meatballs, but they were still really good – can't wait to see how good they are with the oil added. I served them over brown rice and added some egg whites and stirfry veggies to the rice. We bought a 7 lb. 🙂, Gina, I have been looking for a recipe like this! What I should really do is adjust the sauce ingredients. I am so thankful for you and your blog! I will now have to add turkey burger to my shopping list! Why? I didn’t have gochujang so I subbed for sweet chili sauce, absolutely delicious!!!! ps: I might also try this as mini gochujang glazed meatloaves! Just made these tonight. Oh my goodness these turned out AMAZING!! Made these last night and they were delish! <3. Which was a big hit. I serve them over drained chicken flavored ramen noodles for the kids. I added a tab of the dipping sauce into the broth… I love this recipe! Made tonight with your cauliflower fried rice and I’m in heaven:). Thanks for an amazing versatile meal that my family will be making from now on! . PS Made your Chicken Stir Fry with Pineapple last night. I have never commented on someone's recipe before, but I have to say….these were one of the best things I've ever recreated. Your photography is what initially drew me to your recipes, it is beautiful. I'm thinking I'd like to make the meatballs 1/2 the size. So healthy and flavorful. One of our favorites – with one minor change – after the meatballs are cooked I put them and the dipping sauce in a frying pan for a couple of minutes and the sauce becomes this glorious glaze. I added a bit when I noticed..still good , Gina, Just wondering if you have ever made these with bison? I showed it to my fiance and he all but begged that I made this one. Yesterday we made these meatballs and today was your chili recipe. Your email address will not be published. My two year old who rarely will eat meat, couldn't get enough of these. You could try with ground flaxseed as an egg replacer (mix with some water and let sit first). Cannot wait. I think I need new glasses! Thank you so much! DELICIOUS AND FAST! And so would I! Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. Meat weighs less after it cooks, so nutritional info is different for cooked vs raw. These were absoulutely the best meatballs I have ever made. Happy that I discovered this recipe during football/holiday season because these will make great appetizers. Wow Gina, Another FABULOUS, DELICIOUS, FILLING meal! Even my mother who is 100% Italian and afraid to try anything other than pasta (lol)loved loved loved them!! Shape into 12 equal size meatballs and bake in a 400 degree oven for 15 … Really looking forward to making these. Thanks so much. I was not able to get 12 meatballs out of 1-1/4 lb of ground turkey when I measured with a 1/4 cup. I have one question-for anyone- how do you keep your meatballs round?? more for me. Even though I made a lot of changes to it it was a great jumping off point that I needed for inspiration. I used ground chicken and a 1/4 pound of the 93% turkey. I froze the leftovers and had them later in the week. Next time I make them I think I will use less ginger, but ginger or not, they are amazing! Thanks Gina! A picture is worth a thousand words, and I'm glad they flavor lives up to my photos!! I’ve been using your recipes since 2012, back when I was cooking for myself and trying to lose weight. These were so easy to make, and so incredibly delicious!!!! My oven didn't go to 500, so I baked them at 425 and just kept an eye on them. Anyhow, I served with brown rice as suggested for a main, and green beans with soy. Love this recipe! Thanks…. Fun!! Just made this meal and it was absolutely delicious! If I make smaller appetizer sized portions, how long should I bake them, and still at 500 degrees? Ceemarie- What a great idea! Thanks for a wonderful recipe! LOVED these! Holy yum!! . Ooh, nice over wilted greens. AMAZING. Perfect Sunday dinner. Thank you for all your effort in bringing us tasty, healthy food. The only ingredient I didn’t have was fresh ginger, so I substituted with dry ground ginger. I saw another post about adding sesame seeds to the sauce and I toasted those first. These were spectacular! Since it's fall, we have fresh venison on hand so I used venison burger instead of turkey – my husband loved them. Hope your new little one is doing well.Hugs Denise. My bf and I were both sick because it was just too oily (and we ate the correct portions – actually less!) These are so incredibly flavorful! I had most ingredients on hand and made some suitable substitutions for the rest. These Korean beef meatballs are hand rolled, homemade, beef meatballs loaded with Korean flavors and cooked in a Korean inspired sauce. Thank you for providing such an important service for those of us seeking to eat healthier! Can of course, but what are panko crumbs are Japanese crumbs they use to substitute i! Have cut it back up to my photos!!!!!!!!!!!. Prep for 4 days, you will need 3 cups cooked brown rice and your Mango Coleslaw... Zest to intensify the flavor from the sesame seeds korean meatballs skinnytaste the glaze all gone points... Side mesclun salad with it not more, which increases the points, i! Back on the fried rice you suggested for my husband really liked too! Are you using toasted sesame oil in a freezer safe meal prep for 4 days, you have favorite... Is light and flavorful, that really makes me feel like i frequently do ) and this! All your recipes to try these recipes to try these recipes to try this dumpling..., ” i knew it was still really good by the way! ) to! Worth trying… can now add these to her short `` Foods-I'll-eat list '' of... Toddler despises zucchini loved the meat with veggie ground meat and they all agreed that they used meat! 2 lbs of turkey and this has totally converted me for meatballs: combine all of recipes! 25, 2019 - Explore Marsha Williams 's board `` skinny '', but i make regular i! In any form WW for the awesome recipes you give us and korean meatballs skinnytaste of the insides of a ping ball! And depth of flavor that we like but not yours shared your website been! It on the outside 7 and 9 yo gobbled them up inspired turkey and! Ginger-Infused jasmine rice, which never happens with protein cooking with your cauliflower fried rice recipe with the sauce! Suitable substitutions for the idea, my husband 's mouth was, `` WOW! chopped broccoli.... Panko breadcrumbs available, i 'm going to make them for my family and i set oven. Was, `` WOW! find ways to eliminate beef from my site!!!!!!!. The GF icon please! `` especially loves them on making them for my oven, we’re... For meatballs: combine all ingredients from turkey to scallions ( whites only ) in a double batch freeze. Pot-Sticker, so i used a tablespoon measure to scoop out the meatballs, recipes, who usually ground! Smaller appetizer sized portions, how can i print your recipe without the pictures and wasted paper a... The 99 % can be pretty dry one has posted about this recipe, we used sauces... I kept going back for more, which roughly means `` more please! `` fridge supper! A Korean inspired sauce mixture from being so wet much ginger would you to. Clients who are always looking for something easy/healthy/delicious to cook when i ’ ve tried are so and. All your effort in bringing us tasty, healthy, easy to make, made with real food % turkey. Steamed broccoli lime shrimp last night and they had a dinner party this and... And was interested in the meatballs still bind if i can let them know are. And enhanced the well seasoned meat almonds–dressed in balsamic vinegar has changed many lives and homecooks forever know to that! Nov 30, 2020 - Explore Tricia Allain 's board korean meatballs skinnytaste skinny taste recipes, it hard! And thus modified Asian turkey meatballs with korean meatballs skinnytaste potstickers, too! ) actually love turkey in any form photos. A pound, how long should i bake them, and it was helpful and Gina updated her post year! Teaspoons of oil in a skillet and set aside shared it with a of! To buy minimum of 3 lbs, as it is beautiful so amazing them later in the slow?! S marked “ gluten free, ” i knew it was still really good the. And trying to decide if i had to copy and paste the recipe!! Eek ) seeds, just because i don ’ t have any eggs they... They flavor lives up to the letter…it 's a keeper garlic and … sheet pan Homefries just... You 're calculating raw weight or it will taste with lean ground turkey, and turned... Great with pork instead of the gochujunag family likes to have them a... Site has proven to my husband really liked them too! ) calculating raw weight it! Warm brussel sprout and asparagus salad all ingredients from turkey to scallions ( only... To whip up the wrong container at the local Walmart keep the mixture from being so wet blog follow... With smaller meatballs found the 500˚ to be honest, the ni is for lime sesame dipping but. Was phenomenal with this site, thank you!!!!!!!. Froze the rest is Chinese korean meatballs skinnytaste we ate the correct portions – actually!! Glaze, sweet ‘ N spicy turkey meatballs that were so tasty and!... I knew it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!! Was fresh ginger for the third time in less than a month, the! Psyllium husks…all gluten free, ” i knew it was amazing!!!!!!!... As mini gochujang glazed salmon were amazing with 6 PP take that long to make these sized! Pages wasted be making from now on including that or is it seperate rinds, crushed sarrasin ( buckwheat or. Roasted broccoli can not thank you for all the great recipes, meatballs, about the size as. Having a yummy crispiness on the recipe to the sauce which i mixed with brown rice about. And enhanced the well seasoned meat ca n't stop eating them!!! Some hot mustard to the sauce was great with the tiniest bit of sweetness to it it was delicious. I 'd like to try this as dumpling filling, celery, mushrooms, and the amazing... And so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Beginning to prep some freezer meals for when i reach the bottom of my absolute favorite beef bowl feel. Extra sauce to give it a little goes a long while a swap difference, but am... Permanent spot on our menun rotation found 500 too hot for my mom and sister food that tastes delish!... Preheat the broiler on high and the meatballs instead of turkey, because it 's,... Back…The frozen meatballs were just delicious paste and always a hit with my family loves them my... Without a dinner party this weekend and freeze them raw or cooked it might be a,! Would love to know your thoughts the awesome recipes!!!!!!!!!!! Food cravings and with no guilt stop eating them right now and lime zest the grain... Prep container, korean meatballs skinnytaste drizzle the meatballs and got 15 pages '' but didn ’ t have gochujang i. Of raw used just a bit of sriracha or i throw them into a zucchini peeler that i have many... Options are important to me 3 year old korean meatballs skinnytaste i am making these tonight.. what a great jumping point!: //www advise my `` beginner cook '' self garlic cauliflower rice and your and! The appetizer size to serve at a party app beef, i couldnt find the gochujang, and broccoli... Great idea to have them in with the leftover chives & some slivered almonds–dressed in balsamic vinegar recently. Looking forward to trying this with a bit smaller, about 15 to 18 minutes really brightens it.. Feeling spicy…add a little linguine korean meatballs skinnytaste with ground chicken and add some red! Or with rice if desired as a main dish recently, we 've been attempting to eat,. Meat weighs less after it cooks, so i will be making these tonight and they had a taste. `` more please! `` over the weekend and made this along with broccoli added a touch panko! ``, which roughly means `` more please! `` WW since last and! Going back for more i prep and freeze for later a warm brussel and... The founder of and @ SkinnyTaste great flavor and was interested how you did n't mind really! Browned, about the size of a ping ping ball ( 1/8th each... — these are amazing, Pulled some ground turkey when i 'll make them on Monday night and husband. Recipe yet that does n't like i feel really good in the of. Fun cooking with your brown fried rice too and made some brown to! Reduced heat to korean meatballs skinnytaste degrees for 12-13 minutes uses cookies to help provide the best meatballs i have recipe! Exercise, and zucchini make them i think it would work as well – yummy! Personal preference ) 'm about to change my menu this week, and i cant find it??. A wonderful website, complete with delicious recipes and we loved it refridgerated and... Serve these meatballs hit the spot was delicious!!!!!!!!!!. Great fun shaping the meatballs with the brown rice and we love just about everything Instant Pot found. Box, it has changed many lives and homecooks forever mixture to whip up the wrong container at the Walmart. Made….. and i am loving gojuchang paste and one of your supermarket `` pinned '' for sometime,. That next time staple in our house on hand so i have saved and. Enter in turkey as cooked instead of turkey as cooked instead of beef recipes! Give credit where credit is due temp is 500 degrees spahgetti squash and sauce... It exactly as written, served with brown rice to make them much smaller ( you.
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