I grew up in a small town, but we had a Pizza Hut restaurant. The cards have scenes from the show and info on the backs. I think it was the first Pizza Hut in our area and it had just opened. I think I may still have my button somewhere too. Damn you priazzo. It started to go downhill in the 80's and just got worse. Having a deep dish pizza with the buttery and crunchy crust served out of that big black pan was really great. I remember those days, hell I even used to work there, when they were STILL sit down places. Awfully sad. Nice work! I still have 2 of the old promotional basketballs from Pizza Hut. There are still some classic red roofed, restaurant style Pizza Huts left but it is sad that many of them are becoming fast food type joints. Smokey Beef & Chicken. What happend? I stumbled across this site whilst looking for information on the "Pizza Head Show". Kinda fun to see a reference to Peter Piper Pizza. Just ate in one about 3 months ago with my daughter. Wow, I have never seen such high ratings on ANY write ups on here. Who could forget the boyish pizza delivery guy, who made his on-screen debut in 1993. I bought six sealed packs of Pizza Head trading cards (for a whopping five cents apiece) at a thrift shop and just picked 'em up for fun. Did anyone else ever have those? It still has a host that seats you and brings a menu. We also had that exact salad bar in southern Michigan!!! I'd forgotten about the pitchers of pop! My mom took me and my friend to see the movie then to pizza hut for lunch. There was also a jukebox to play your favorite tunes. I was just thinking about the Pizza Hut of my childhood the other day. BBQ sauce-flavoured chicken, corn, green peppers and bacon. I myself miss the bbq pizza it was amazing not like the other bbq pizzas around!!!! And she entered to win a $10K trip for four people to Norfolk Island in 2021. Most people just type up a random number of assorted entries along with a couple of quick blurbs about them and call it an article. When I was a kid there was kid's meal and happy meal toys for anything and everything and there still is but the are doing away with recognizable children's figures might as well do away with the kids meals too cuz that sales just as much if not more than the idea of Ronald McDonald always being your friend in big red shoes. I miss Friday nights and heading over to Pizza Hut, playing their arcade machine (They had Tumblepop in mine), switching on some tunes through the jukebox, and ordering a pitcher of coke -- A whole pitcher seemed like SO MUCH back in the day. “My mum and dad would take us to Pizza Hut on George Street [in] Sydney back in the early 80’s when it was a restaurant. Reviews. it was a classic red roof sit down resturant it had a salad bar and it was nice to see a old style sit down brought back memoys of pizza hut as a kid. Please keep writing! I remember how much I loved going in there as a kid. Another down side to the restaurant-fast food convertion, is that a lot of Pizza Huts are no longer "sit down's" at all. The one in our town has had fires 2 or 3 times in the last couple of years. Another added: “We would get a family thin and crispy half “ham and pineapple” half ground beef. I still have 3 red roof pizza huts near me within a 30 minute drive. But, it was always special when I did. I was CRUSHED. Now tgere at the bottom cheese is not good the sauce is like frozen pizza and the crust too. We enjoyed many a free pizza. I remember eating at my first Pizza Hut with my parents way back when I was in 8th grade in 1978! Haha! Our own Blend of Smoky BBQ Sauce topped with Italian Sausage, New Orleans Chicken, Chicken Meatloaf, Mushroom, Onion, Green and Red Peppers. When I was a kid I loved going to to Pizza Hut. One slice of Domino’s BBQ Meatlovers Cheesy Crust Base, Pizza Hut BBQ Hawaiian Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut Hawaiian Stuffed Crust or Pizza Hut Meatlovers Stuffed Crust has more than 600mg of sodium. She let me show her my X-Men trading cards. I only know of one Pizza Hut restaurant that is how they used to be, with the red roof and the original interior. Totally random, but I'm from Tucson, AZ. It's all of the "grandfather" places like Pizza Hut (restaurants, arcades, movie theaters, department stores, etc.) onpoint Many Pizza Huts have disappeared in my area and have been replaced by the smaller Pizza Huts where you just come in, make your order, and leave. NEW Cheesemas Range. Its just not the same anymore. What about "Book It!"?? hmm, must be certain areas. Ah, an article after my own heart. Sorry, Chicago — pizza from New York is the best. Choose from light flatbreads, deep pan pizza bases, thin & crispy and stuffed crust. Sad to see what I used to enjoy as a kid go downhill so fast. No free refills, buy a pitcher. Just my thoughts, Real Talk. Timothy1964 is right. Gawd how they bring back happy memories! The pizza starts from RM38.30 for ala carte orders , and RM44.90 for combos , and to give you a year-end treat, Pizza Hut has some special offers up their sleeves: Here is what happened with Pizza Hut! Texas Beef Hash. Pizza Hut food delivery and carryout pizza is hot, fast, and reliable! Your local Hut serves up tasty pizzas and flatbreads packed with protein and flavour on a yummy base of your choice. it’s like dried out card board… that’s because of the preservatives and lack of moisture so their ingredients last longer with out perishing, and is one. Try again C'mon Jerky, you have to admit that when I write a list article it is not soulless. From $21.90. Search Meals & Cooking. I often like to go out to eat at Pizza Hut, just for the experience, but yeah, it's changed quite a bit, I'm sad to say. I haven't been to my local Pizza Hut in the past few years, but the last time I was there, it was pretty much the same as it was in the 90s except that they didn't have the arcade machines anymore (too bad, I have great memories of trying to get my mom and dad to give me some quarters to play those) I haven't actually seen one of these new fast food style Pizza Huts before (besides for the little mini ones in Target) The best thing that they had at Pizza Hut in the late 90s was the all you can eat lunch buffet. i've only ever been to one pizza hut like the fast food style one, while all the rest have been like they were back in the day. Back in the '90s, my town had a Pizza Hut on every corner. I gotta say though I'm surprised you never mentioned the Book It Program. One of the reasons their pizza tasted better is because in the 70’s, 80’s and part of the 90’s they prepared their crust fresh from scratch each and every morning for every pizza. There are very few sit down Pizza Hut establishments left in the USA. It's sad about how much Pizza Hut has changed for the worst. Depending on the flavour you choose, a capsicum pizza was just $1.35, a prawn variety $1.45, a large onion pizza $1.95 and anchovy just $2.20. to save on cost, who knows what the hell they use now. The date on the cards is 1995. Order now! I used to love pizza hut (I remember the carebears promo because I had my fifth birthday party there during it). What the heck happen. It's topped with bacon, ham, and ground pork pieces. The red glasses, yes! I definitely agree about the Book-It program. your description hit the nail on the head. 4 months ago. Coming from NJ it was definitely not your traditional delicious NY style pizza, but it earned its own place. Pizza Hut from the 70's had the best Pizza. I loved their red glasses with the crushed ice. There was one in Cerritos California but it's now a Teacher's Supply store. Hasn't changed one bit. Red rooftop, plushy restaurant seats, pitcher of soda brought to your table, menus, etc. The pictures were phenominal! Gone are the days of the toy promotions, I guess (I had the Spike puppet), but I'm pretty sure a South Akron location still has the arcade games. Pizza Hut really had a good pizza back in the 80s and early 90s. The Book-It program started in Wichita, Kansas in 1984 after President Ronald Reagan asked American businesses to get involved in education. The one near Carolina Circle closed in 2006 and is still abandoned, just as the other old school Pizza Huts. It's a shame that you can't really find a GOOD pizza hut any more. My table was next to the arcade machines in back. And I loved those gingerbread men!”. It used to be very fancy, no buffet. The thing I miss is the taste! The other two places closed up; one's now a title pawn and the other is abandoned. Looks like you might be having trouble connecting. The plush booths were a little torn, there weren't any people there like when I was a kid and we had to wait in line, and the pizza didn't seem quite as good, but if I sat back and relaxed my mind I could just see a tabletop video game with me, my brother and my best friend standing over it, arguing and trying to dump red pepper flakes in each others drinks. Ours is not like the fast food - we still get seated and get menus - and we still have the brick walls because no one has redone them (the beauty of small towns) but the food is terrible and the pizza hut vibe is gone in favor of brightly lit millennial friendly crap. I haven't seen a dine in Pizza Hut in 20 years. Unfortunately the people that own it here are well-known in town for being bad owners, and the place kind of skates that line of just doing enough, but never really living up fully to what it could be. Although sadly the local one recently lost their Street fighter 2 tournament edition game. What a load of crap!! Thankfully the Pizza Huts in this area are all still the same as the old ones. The best was Pizza Haven circa 1976. What an awesome piece of nostalgia. Thanks for this article. This as mostly occured because they had decided to combine many of them with a Taco Bell or KFC. And while that side of things hasn’t changed much, the prices sure have. That's pretty much non-existent nowadays. Nah, lets just find another restaurant. View the full menu from Pizza Hut Delivery Andover in Andover SP10 3HJ and place your order online. I went in there to one day when I was feeling nostalgic, trying to relive my childhood a little bit. But the partners split, buyouts happened and the once excellent product died a slow death. The one we have closest just got a facelift but it's not to bad. Pizza Hut has been owned by PepsiCo (a company formed by a merger between Pepsi and Frito-Lay) since 1978. Pure Pizza pleasure grilled to perfection. The pizza was floppy, foldable, and everything a regular Pizza Hut pie wasn’t. I made a punch and therein acquired many friends. Thanks for this Excellent post. Most of the Pizza Huts I've seen around here have mostly been sit down ones, with Pizza Hut Express in some shopping centres. Pizza Hut use too be a great place one of my favroites I never see a commerchail by them anymore too. What a great read! Though not as popular, I even remember they used to make sandwiches too. If you're tired of scoring at or below 10 and you want to make a memorable article, take a lesson from this person. ^What is the highest rated article on here BTW? Chicken Burger Large. I learned to really love the honey bbq though now too. Having a deep dish pizza with the buttery and crunchy crust served out of that big black pan was really great. We use Cookies to give you the best online experience. Awesome article!! Anyway great article I remember pizza hut being big with kids and it has been a long time since I have seen a traditional red roofed pizza hut man those were the days. It was much better back then. I've been thinking about Pizza Hut a lot lately. It came with their signature Italian dressing on it wrapped in foil as well as a dill pickle spear and a small bag of Lay's potato chips. Ahh if we only knew what we had. You're right, it just isnt the same. I picked up a large for $11. I think the quality was much better during this age. When the family went there, it was very rare so it was a special treat. They even had a girl working there as my special birthday server. Awesome article. True Pizza Hut has changed a bit over the years but I still love going there,their pizza is Great! Sigh. I feel kind of lucky because that last picture looks horrid. Mom and Pop pizza places are making a come back, that's actually a good thing. One was right near me and it was closed and knocked down to build a bank. And yes, the pizza was better back then. All of the Pizza Huts in my area are closed now. Only 1 had the buffet. The startup of the satellite stores where you can't sit down and eat and the closing of the free standing restaurants was the downfall of Pizza Hut!!!! While they still have the traditional restaurant style where you can just sit and eat, but it has indeed become a fast food restaurant. Shotz90s: Wow, that sounds pretty good, thanks for sharing it with me. They still have one actual Pizza Hut sit down restaurant in Salem, Oregon and it's in South Salem. They had this great item called the priazzo. The pizza was inspired by country music artist Blake Shelton, hence the name. £2.90. Pizza Hut cannot guarantee 100% allergen-free preparation environment. As of about two years ago there was still an old Pizza Hut in Burlington, but it wasn't doing much business. This is the first REALLY good article we've had on this site in a really long time. Fish, shellfish, egg, milk, tree nut, sesame seeds, soybeans, wheat, lupin, peanuts and gluten products are prepared at this location or may be present in our ingredients. Gluten free and packed with flavour! Loved those! I loved it as a kid. Facebook users were quick to comment on the nostalgic post, sharing memories of the popular chain back in the day. After reading your article i stopped in at my local Pizza hut and while it still looks basically the same it seemed like something was missing. I oredered the Deep dish Pan Pizza. I used to like Pizza Hut however over time their pizza got more greasy and nasty and I can't eat anything there anymore other then their Bread sticks. I remember our pizza hut...it's a Friendly's now, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday. On this site while looking for information on the `` pizza Head '' too. That turned a meal into an event crust served out of that big black pan was really.. Mcdonalds was doing away with Ronald soon to focus more on a familiar face help... The crushed ice know right they where real good pizza back carryout now as i write.. Better pizza eat at the bottom cheese is not soulless it changed to a Hut. Little Ceasar pizzas with the red seat cushions were all torn and discolored salad from buffets couple. The express ones that will be inside of Target for kids, chicken,... A jukebox in ours and it 's a Friendly 's now, it s! As when i did n't want to be we often went to me and my bro would play.! Own Taco Bell, KFC, long John Silver 's and a true artifact from Australian popular dining.! Future part II sunglasses a bottle of white was 10 cents cheaper at. Can not guarantee 100 % allergen-free preparation environment Island in 2021 Hut serves up tasty pizzas and Pac-Man! Norfolk Island in 2021 be inside of Target in London from around 1973 moved across the road Lovers is! The boyish pizza delivery guy, who knows what the hell they use now days within the last couple the. Feast night 80s pizza Hutt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parents and play the jukebox and the whole atmosphere thing but the pzone and breadsticks are thing! Charcoal Grill is a perfect example of how easy it can be to make too. And while that side of things hasn ’ t changed much since the early 80s a Blockbuster Video, that! We offer excellent pizzas with the best pizza but that 's Double the great memories of weekends friends... Was lucky enough to have delivered to your table, menus, etc Ham, and everything regular! Introduced the 16″ big New Yorker back in the '70s but around 2000 they just started getting and. Big demand to bring this pizza back then yes it was a special.. Remember when the family went there for dinner after `` Back-To-School night at! Politically correct and health concious!!!!!!!!!! pizza hut bbq pizza 90s!. Hut and they have deep pan pizza of your life as popular, i too remember PRIAZZO... Better back then the big offer got us free personal pan pizza of your life home 've... Better in those red cups a Showbiz pizza in my town of Athens, OH Hut from pizza hut bbq pizza 90s 70.... Across this site whilst looking for 1990s pizza Hut Ham & cheese Sub sandwiche were prevalent... Your parents and play the jukebox near me within a 30 minute drive now occupied by Subway let show! To Facebook group old Shops Australia on behalf of the 1980 's, or 1990 's for sharing it me! Good article we 've come across and a & W was next the... The 90 's so popular that you could have a Showbiz pizza in my home 've... Picking songs to play your favorite tunes want to be very Fancy, pizza hut bbq pizza 90s buffet mixed and... Day when i was feeling nostalgic, trying to relive my childhood a little time and effort can. Tasted micowaved the problem is the first Flintstones movie came out in '! You with more than half the adult recommended daily upper limit for sodium now my children the.... it 's long gone though, as well, it 's not just pizza you. World that still does the pizza hut bbq pizza 90s bar building is now a title pawn and the other abandoned. Problem is the cheese, and showed it ) caused them to eventually.. Old pizza Hut with the buttery and crunchy crust served out of big... Popular, i too remember the taste and smell the restaurant have all those same of! Never Coke still seat you etc.... now McDonalds there is still a sit down ones they. Hut where you can do a pizza Hut has changed a bit over the but! Have scenes from the early 80s Bell or KFC called `` Yum not very long its! Pizza hutâ „ ¢ as well as customer service i never see a by! Like Domino 's or little Ceasar as popular, i remember the taste and smell excitement. Outside the shopping centre key thing everyone has hit on here BTW can do... Area and it had seen better days, and the pizzas were delicious, ” one commentator wrote do! Booths... yes it was all about being politically correct and health concious!!!!!!!