Also, do you have a quote or hadith about cutting ties? By the way, even if what you say is true (and I accept that it might be) it would not invalidate any ruling that such practices are unlawful for Muslims. It is usually performed during the sixth month or seventh month or third year or fifth year or 7th year after birth. Pierce how to want it to be and when you want to get it. Earrings are adornment that is only allowed for females in Islaam, along with bracelets, necklaces and anklets/bangles. By the early 1990s, however, so many men were wearing piercings in either or both ears that the placement was less likely to indicate sexual preference. Quran surah 36: Ya-sin. So my question is, if it were proven that men wore earrings before women, then it not unlawful for men to wear earrings correct? Do you have a source to confirm that??!! :), That's very kind. Both men and women have been piercing various parts of their bodies, including the ears, tongue, nose, lips, among others. In history men were the first to we're earrings do technically is it not allowed for a man to wear earrings, like necklaces? Originally posted by kimo914 View Post Haha this cracks me up :P all i was enquiring is why as soon as a male wears a necklace or bracelet or in this sense if he got his ear pierced all of a sudden he is doing it because he wants to look like a girl :S Ibn ‘Aabideen (may Allah have mercy on him) said: Piercing the ear in order to wear earrings is part of the adornment of women and it is not permissible for males. May Allah (Subhana wa Tal'la) keep you close to Himself for all of your life, and the life to come. NO BLACKS OR DOGS!’ (Four landlords in my area had such signs). Wa alaikum el salaam brother/sister in Allah's path Paulus, you are totally right. Earrings are adornment that is only allowed for females in Islaam, along with bracelets, necklaces and anklets/bangles. A man piercing his ears is regarded as a man imitating an action considered natural to a woman. A Guide to Male Piercings. Thanks and jazakoum Allahou khayran for bringing the hadith/source. But who judges that earrings are a women's look? I am not getting earrings to imitate women, I don't know anyone that is either. The pain is light, and if the piercing is done when the girl is small, it heals quickly“. So weigh out the options do research. And in addition to that, earrings are imitating the kuffar men, which is also haraam. Finally, we would say that any Muslim man who wears jewellery is making himself look like the kuffaar, because this is known to be their style of adornment; the latest fashion among them is to wear earrings and the like in their ears, noses, lips, cheeks and other parts of the body (so-called body-piercing). //