It’s especially useful if you have to do a lot of writing in English, but also good to read if you want to reach an advanced level fast. Here are a few recommended books to get you started: For beginners, or younger readers, you could try something by Roald Dahl, such as ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ or ‘Danny the Champion of the World’. Here are few books on writing I’ve gone through myself that you may find useful: The Penguin Writer’s Manualby Martin Manser and Stephen Curtis Unlike other books in this section, this book also covers basics such as grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation). This book is a modern classic and a popular study text for schools all over the world. There are currently 4 levels of English Vocabulary in Use from Elementary to Advanced plus a book … Finally, if you want to attend an English-speaking university or get a visa to work in an English-speaking country, you will probably need to take the IELTS. So it’s unsurprising that they also publish the best book for preparing to take the test. You need to learn what it means, how to pronounce it, how to spell it, and how to use it in a sentence. (Note: If your goal is to review English grammar before taking the IELTS test, it’s better to get a specialized text. //